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Our Focus:

Tech People Solutions provides leading strategy, software evaluation, implementation and support services. Across industries, we partner with clients to deliver business transformation through technology.
Our service goal is clear: to bring our clients sustainable results by improving process capability, supply chain efficiency and customer relationships.

Offsite Development:
Tech People Solutions believes in the true offsite model and has developed a methodology to offer real economics with the highest level of quality. Our Model provides access to state-of-the-art offsite development facilities and the expert coordination capabilities of our seasoned project managers. The biggest advantage that offsite development provides is the reduction of software development costs. At Tech People Solutions, we understand that different requirements exist with regard to specific business functions as well as cost and time frames for completion. Accordingly we adapt our services so that comprehensive offsite development programs can be offered to you.

Onsite Development:
Tech People Solutions offers 100% onsite services, where we bring our project management team and technological expertise directly to your location. Our onsite development model is flexible to suit to different requirements of clients like augmenting their development or QA teams, forming a new and complete project team, getting architects and designers for a new technology development etc. If required partial or complete projects teams are sent to client's location to develop, release and maintain the product or application.

Outsource Development:
With the convergence of world economies, increasing competition and trans-nationalization of corporations, big, medium or small, the whole gamut of procurement, production, supply, sales and after-sales service has changed. The scenario has taken a complete reverse from an earlier stand of total ownership of all the processes to a new scenario of ‘outsourcing’, i.e. identifying and concentrating on one’s own core competencies while searching for partnerships, relationships & benchmarks, to outsource or contract the processes that other organizations or entities can perform in a better, cost-effective & efficient manner. Outsourcing IT application management allows an enterprise to focus on its core businesses with benefits across the business spectrum.